23-27th July 2012 -  at THE LORD STANLEY in Camden, London.                             The play is part of the yearly SOLO FESTIVAL (patron - Arnold Wesker ).             

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JEROME, written and performed by Brendan Somers, is the story of Jerome K Jerome, the writer of what is considered by many to be the greatest comic novel in English (certainly the most loved!) - THREE MEN IN A BOAT.

The play has its premier at THE LORD STANLEY in Camden, London and is part of the yearly SOLO FESTIVAL (patron - the legendary Arnold Wesker ). For timings etc. visit

Everybody knows he wrote THREE MEN IN A BOAT and its sequel THREE MEN ON THE BUMMEL but what many don't know is that Jerome grew up in poverty, was a struggling actor who often slept in doss houses and church doorways and who after finally becoming one of the most successful playwrights in England numbered amongst his close  friends such luminaries as Conan Doyle, Bernard Shaw and Mark Twain.

The brilliance of his comic writing belies the fact that at heart Jerome had a grim view of human nature. In his youth he had seen too much hardship to believe that living was essentially a jolly business. However, in his own words, he ".....enjoyed the fun when it came" and his comic works gloriously celebrate our self deceptions and fragile egos as well as deflating pomposity, poking gentle fun at our too easily changed  prejudices  and championing the simple, unremarkable pleasures of everyday life.

Though long past military age he volunteered and served bravely as an ambulance driver in the Great War - a war which in so many ways seemed to en-coffin the slower, gentler more optimistic Edwardian world and to firmly nail the lid down.

Jerome is now remembered as the comic chronicler of a very English dream. This dream is now, alas,  well hidden but with Jerome as our guide we can still find it beneath the  urban sprawl, automobile choked country roads, polluted rivers, increasingly frantic, nervous, desperate life styles and our out of control addiction to a growing mountain of  glittering  objects of desire.

JEROME is a celebration of a man who, like his contemporary OSCAR WILDE, "...traced beneath the ugly thing, the hidden grace" . It incorporates his own reminiscences as well as a generous helping of extracts from his greatest comic works.

Uplifting! Joyful! Thought Provoking!

Lasting approx. 55 minutes

costing £8/6