Brendan Somers




 Story Synopsis

 Two actors are told by their director to rehearse the play's climactic kiss which isn't working. As the action progresses everything the audience believes is happening is brought into question. Are the actors lying to one another? What exactly was their former relationship? Are we in fact watching a rehearsal about two actors meeting to rehearse a kiss or is the whole thing an actual play? Is everything that we see in the mind of one of the performers – a violent and dramatic catharsis of an unfaithful loved ones suicide? The tone is by turns humorous, dramatic and surreal. 


What it's “about”.


The modern world is one of learnt images, of a concentration on the sheen of life rather than its heart. If we want to learn about war, we watch a film about war. If we want to learn about sex we read a book about 50 ways of doing it. If we want to live, we allow the glittering others to live for us. This is a play which invites us to question the belief that  media in general and theatre in particular is a true representation of life itself and not, in fact, an inevitable confidence trick? The play slaps the audience in the face with its own comfortable preconceptions. The Kiss is a con which seeks to con not only the audience, but itself. Do the characters themselves know what is going on – or are they simply actors playing actors playing their characters? Bob Dylan recently appeared in London – the best stalls tickets cost £2300 upwards. What was the audience seeing? What were they paying for? This play explores the relationship between audience and performer  and invites the audience to determine what exactly is going on when it sits in that darkened room and stares at the lighted stage.























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